When we first decided to remodel the family premises, we decided to make it an authentic family hospitality, where we all work together hand in hand to provide our guests a cozy homy feeling.

After reading the story in our Home Page, about the history of the place and the idea, time to meet us in person 

Abir & Rayek Hakim

Abir, my mother, she is a retired Junior High School Principle, the first woman to be Junior High School principle in Nazareth, she was awarded the National Prize for Excellence in Education, and a great cook. Rayek,my father, he is a liscenced tourist guide specializes in Christianity.

Bassam Hakim (me)

Studied "Advance Hotel Management"  worked in the hospitality industry since 2006, till decided to create a new type of accomodation in Nazareth, based on personal attention to each guest in an authentic atmosphere.

Emil Imran ( House Manager)

Has worked in the hospitality industry since 2004 in different roles, he is a charming always laughing person, service oriented, he is here to make your stay as comfertable as possible.

Photos were taken by one of our great guests 

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+972 (0) 4 6545990

Bishop Square Old City
PoBox 56
Nazareth 16101, Israel
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