The Culinary Experience (5 Senses of Nazareth) is the right way to break the ice and change the unfamiliar to the familiar,a friendly experience during your travel.

Join us for a journey full of flavors, aromas, and stories through the old city of Nazareth, meet the people of Nazareth, gain new friends and cooking skills while trying delicates that are authentic and native to the region.


Special Biscuits with a story
What is making for us?
Sesame Delights
Stamped Bread, why is that?
Do you know how many types of Kubeh?
Whats in this Wrap?
the people
  • Meet the people of Nazareth

  • Hear stories that you never knew 

  • Change the unfamiliar to familiar 

  • Traditional Middle Eastern Cusine 

  • New cooking techniques 

  • Home recipes

  • Cultural Traditions

  • Everything with a smile

Culinary Experience Inquiry 
Onion one of the most essential ingerdients
Caramelized Onion
cooking workshop with a smile
what are they wraping?
wide smile
discovering new cuisine
the team
which type of cheese is this
Working with a smile