What to see in Nazareth?

Updated: May 17, 2020

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City of Nazareth,the city of Annunciation, the first miracle to happen when St. Gabriel annunced to the Virgin Mary that she is pregnant with the son of God.

The biggest Arab Palestinian city in Israel, with population increasing 80 thousand people.

Nazareth population today is 75% Muslims and 25% Christians, closed on Sunday to

preserve the religious importance of the city.

There are Several of intrest points to visit in Nazareth

Church of Annunciation

The Church was established to where it believed to be the house of Mary, designed by Giovanni Muzio, in 1954 the old chuch was completely demolished and the new church finished constructing in 1969 in a Burtalist Archetecture . First designed made to this church was by Antonio Barluzzi, during WWII he was planing the Church of Holy Sepulcher in Bethlahem and his final project was supposed to be the Basilica of Annunciation, after designing several chuches, temples and shrines in the Holy Land, he was named "The Archetict of the Holy Land" unfortunatly his last project was rejected in 1958 that caused him a heart attack causing his death two years later.

Its considered to be the biggest Basilica in the Middle East.

Church of Annunciation - House of Mary

Antonio Barluzzi Design

Orthodox Church of St. Gabriel

Also known as the Greek Orthodox of Annunciation, its located above the spring where is believed that St Gabriel appeared for the first time infront of the Virgin Mary when she was withdrowing water, one of the oldest churches in Nazareth, during the Byzantian times, then rebuilt during Daher Al Omar ruling, now (2020) excivations are being conducted behind the church for the remains of the Byzantian Church.

Greek Orthodox Church 1880s
Greek Orthodox Church today

Russian Square (Maskobeya)

The Russians had great influnce during the 19th Century, as the Russians considered themselves as the saviors of the Orthodox Christians in the Middle East during the Othoman Empire, this Russian Square was bording school, where Michael Naaime and Naseeb Areyda staudied in this school (famous poets, the founders of "Al Mahjar" movement, Arabic speaking writers who imigrated to the United States of America with Jibran Khalil Jibran)

Russian Square Construction 1880
Russian Square Today

Liwan Culture Cafe

A zero budget initiative that made a huge change in the old city of Nazareth, 3 youngsters with big dreams took an abandoned store in the old city, renovated it will love and great taste, to become a culture cafe with art galleries, handcrafts, special products and boutique beer, preserving the culture of Nazareth and the surrounding, movie nights and music concerts

Phone Number +972-4-6283511

Ghada's Corner

located in the heart of the old city of Nazareth, owned and managed by Ghada Boulos, a very well know tourist guide, both in Israel and abroad and amazing story teller, she opened the place to embodies traditions and stories.

Phone Number +972-4-9869116

Synagoge Church

Mensa Cristi

Nazareth Sesame

Al Babour Spice Mill

Nazareth Village

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