Image by Annie Spratt

Our long experience in the hospitality and accommodation industry exposed us to different types of clientele and itineraries requests, we have provided full service for groups, starting from airline bookings (IATA License), hotels and accommodation, transportation, guide, entrance to national parks, museums, catering and music bands.

We have produced several events and itineraries for different groups from all over the world, here an example of what we have organized for groups. all in a local authentic atmosphere

Pilgrimage & Cultural 

7 days guided tour around Israel and the West Bank, visiting the Holy Sites, Private Mass, Boat ride on lake of Galilee, getting to know the people and traditions in Israel try local food and particiapte in cooking workshops and culinary tours, you can also add trip to Jordan and Egypt.

Political & Cultural 

7 Days guided tour where you meet people from both sides, Palestinians and Israelis and hear both stories of the conflict, we will visit some imporant religious sites, Diaspored Palestinian villages and Israeli Settelments, try local food and particiapte in cooking workshops and culinary tours

Special Requests

We have organized several tours that combine both Pilgrimage and Political, we have also produced a 70 particpants wedding from U.S.A, where we took care of the shuttles, flowers, hairsaloon, alcohol, food, drinks all the operations and orgnization of the wedding